Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was just T2 and I at home yesterday and I was stuck for ideas. I though of painted feet penguin pictures but then realized I had no black paint so that will have to wait for another day. T2 wanted to play with her chicks which she rediscovered in the cupboard. I realized that she has been enjoying these chicks for 3 years now. She used to shake them and drool on them, then she would put the shell tops on and has since learned how to put each egg in it's correct place (the bottoms are shaped differently) and to match the shells correctly (each chick has a different pair of eyes and they are also on it's shell top.) I think they have been one of our most played with toys.

january 2009 001

january 2009 002

january 2009 006

We did a little pencil control practice - she can do a good job tracing over the letters of her name which takes a while because there are 8 letters.

january 2009 009

january 2009 010

Then we had a snowball fight. An indoor snowball fight. I made these snowballs (still a few more to make but I ran out of yarn) using a small circular loom. I loomed using a craft store styrofoam ball as a filler. I basically loomed a tube and threaded yarn through the open ends and pulled them tight enclosing the ball. The fuzzy yarn has a nice feel to it and they are light and pretty fun to toss around. We mostly just aimed them into a basket.

january 2009 012

Today is a school day so I should be working my way through a list of chores - or I could enjoy the tranquility of an empty house and work on a project.......

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