Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*~*Post 100*~*

Woah - my 100th post!

Yesterday was a write off after a 2 for 1 at ER on Sunday. G fell on Saturday night while holding T2 and badly sprained his ankle and T1 has a weird toe infection which flared up and seems unresponsive to meds. There's no wound on the outside so we have no idea what's wrong with it. Anyway, yesterday both my guys were home. Today T2 went back to school but G remains at home for the remainder of the week to heal. T2 had preschool but was sent home because pink eye suddenly appeared after I dropped her off. I arrived less than an hour later to be greeted by a very sad little girl with one eye almost shut with redness and watering. She wasn't sad about her eye but about having to leave school without her best friend K.

We did a couple of errands and finished up at Blockbuster so she could rent a DVD for later.

At home we decided to try florist foam prints. An idea I saw in one of my craft books but can't quite remember which one (I will keep looking so I can credit the author). I bought the florist foam at the dollar store so it was not exactly best quality and therefore extra fragile and crumbly but T2 and I had fun carving patterns in the foam pieces (I sliced it with a sharp knife into small blocks before we carved patterns in them). We tried dipping the blocks into paint but decided we preferred painting the paint on with a foam paint 'brush'. The results were not exactly great but it was fun to try!

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shawna said...

I love reading your blog and seeing all the great things you are doing with your little ones. I nominated you for a kreavtiv Blogger award. If you visit my site
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take care!

A said...

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