Monday, January 19, 2009

Sugar sugar

After dinner this evening we tried to build Igloos from sugar cubes. It was fun balancing the cubes. T2 built a tower, G manages an Igloo with a roof and no door, I managed an entrance but no roof and T1 decided to replicate the Colosseum. It was fun and a nice quiet activity to spend a few extra minutes at the kitchen table before beginning the evening routine of baths and showers.

Sugar, glorious sugar!

january 2009 013

Here's T2 working on hers

january 2009 004

january 2009 005

G's doorless Igloo

january 2009 006

My roofless Igloo

january 2009 008

T1s Colosseum

january 2009 018

Down it came

january 2009 024


january 2009 027

We're recycling the sugar cubes by passing them onto a friend to build Igloos with her kids : )

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