Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's super cold today - cold enough that I half expect to see a Penguin or Polar Bear in the backyard! With a possible house move in our near future (fireplace, backs onto lake, rural location, small village school, slower pace of life aaaaaaah), I have lots to do around the house. However much I want to do other things - I have to get this house ready for sale so today was a bit of a play-with-anything-as-long-as-you-tidy-up-when-you're-done day. T2 has spent much of the morning engrossed in a game involving both farm and safari. She loves miniature animals and has been collecting them for the past year. She needed somewhere to play with them so I made her a safari/farm play board by painting a board for her and she loves it.

january 2009 001

january 2009 002


Mari-Ann said...

This is FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to make this for me son. I'll be sure to link back to you!

manja said...

This is very nice :) I made something similar for my daughter but it's made of fabrics. If you would like to see, welcome, it's right there: