Friday, January 16, 2009

Afternoon 'doings'

Nap time is drawing to a close in our house. T1 stopped napping the same week he turned 3, T2 is 3.5 and still needs to nap - not everyday but about every third day. Today was not one of those days but she did have 'quiet' time in her room for a while with her books, doll house and stuffed animals.

After nap time, she chose to colour a couple of fish pictures, prompted by her ice fishing this morning! Her colouring is becoming more controlled and expressive.

january 2009 014

january 2009 020

Then we spent some time working with our Fun Thinkers which T2 loves. T1 does too - he has the grade 3 book. I just noticed we put the 16 round the wrong way ::blush::

january 2009 025

Afterwards we played Zingo . T2 had never played this before and loved it, so we'll play this often from now on!

january 2009 026

january 2009 027

january 2009 028

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