Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finding a tiny piece of peace.....

I wanted a Dyson vacuum for a long time before I got one. There was nothing wrong with my Hoover so I couldn't justify buying one but boy was I tempted. I would drool over the majestic Dyson standing on display in stores and wonder when I could bring one home. A couple of years ago I got one and I swear it more than lived up to my expectations. I vacuumed my clean floor and area rugs and watched with both alarm and satisfaction as I saw the canister filling with dirt that my old vac had over looked. Upstairs on the carpet was even more horrifying and I thought it was clean already - it looked clean and still had the stripes my old vacuum had left hours earlier. OK enough about it's awesomeness

Fast forward to last week when my Dyson let me down. Something is stuck in there somewhere and even though G took it apart, he was unable to reach the offending piece that caused Dyson to be so sick. The hose part was still working so I continued to do the best job I could lugging the upright vacuum along while trying to suck up every fleck of glitter, dog hair and crumb. Walking around barefoot today I discovered that I was being unsuccessful as I could feel gritty dust underfoot. Reluctantly I grabbed my broom from the laundry room and swept through the house. Our new house has only hard floors thankfully.

As I was sweeping and marveling at the growing pile of dust and doggy hair I noticed how peaceful it was - no roaring vacuum motor, no sound of things clunking into the plastic canister. I could hear my laundry swishing, the dog snoring, the sound of T1 turning the pages of his book from the warmth of his bed prior to going to sleep, the rhythmic breathing of T2in dreamland. I was thrilled with the pile my trusty broom gathered, I felt a strange connection to a time before vacuums and other noisy gadgets - the simplicity of a wooden stick and a bunch of bristles with no parts to get clogged or malfunction - how could a broom let me down?

My Dyson will eventually be fixed and I am sure I will continue to use it but I must remember once in a while to pull out that broom and enjoy some peace while cleaning up the remnants of our day that have fallen to the floor.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The things kids say...

T2 asked me this week...

"Mommy when it's winter, can I have some snow headphones to keep my ears warm?"

She was thrilled when I found an old pair of ear muffs in with the hats and mitts and has worn them each day since!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random interview with 4 year old

I decided to ask T2 a bunch of random questions....

What is your favourite colour? Pink and Purple
What is your favourite animal? Pigmy Marmoset
What is your favourite food? Pizza
What colour are your eyes? Greeny blue
What colour is your hair? Brown
What do you like to play with? my pony and stuffed animals
Who is your best friend? Kaitlyn Morgado
What does a donkey say? heeee honk
What does a cow eat? hay and so does a horse
Where do bananas come from? sometimes from the store and sometimes from trees I think
How do you make a sandwich? All you have to do is put something on the bread and then I put another piece of bread on top - that's how I make a sandwich
Where do worms live? Holes and in apples
How many feet do you have? 2
What letter does your name start with? tuh Teee
What does Mommy like to eat? salad
What does Mommy like to drink? club soda
Where does coffee come from? coffee stores like Tim Hortons
What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman girl
How do you feel today? Good and I don't think I sneezed anymore

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting there

After way more computer problems than I ever thought possible - it seems we are on our way to have both computers healthy once more. G still has to reinstall a bunch of things and locate files but everything seems to be working so far yayyyyyyyyyy

We've been busy around here settling into school - grade 4 for T1 and K for T2. Both seem very happy with their new school and teachers. Of course back to school has meant all kinds of things coming home with the kids - field trip forms, library books, mail, mail and more mail and of course germs and it has been snot central around here for a month but thankfully nothing serious.

Today we awoke to the first frost of the season - it looked so pretty outside with the grass glistening. I am excited to see what it's like in our new surroundings when we get snow - a pretty sight I am sure.

I've been batch cooking and stocking up the freezer, planning for upcoming festivities - Halloween and of course December celebrations. We just enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend here with a trip to a conservation area Thanksgiving festival which was so much fun - pics to follow.

Today after I had completed some of the chores on my never ending list, I wrapped up warm and sat out on the deck. It was so nice out there - bright and sunny, cool and crisp - soon it will be too cold to be outside more than is necessary so I need to remind myself to make the most of it while it's pleasant outside.

As soon as my photo software is reinstalled I will add some pictures of what we have been up to lately.