Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first baby....

...turns 9 tomorrow

I can't believe it.
He's so big, all knees and elbows when I catch him unaware and and he lands in my lap.
His shoes are size 5.
He technically doesn't need a booster seat in the car since his last Birthday and he's frustrated that we insist he still use it because he doesn't weigh much and it's safer.
He's very good at speaking French and on occasion will speak in French rather than English by mistake, even though we don't speak French.
He knows more about the Titanic than many adults.
His favourite colour has been yellow for as long as I can remember - in fact when he was about 3 he wanted to be yellow when he grew up.
He is very mechanically minded and could very well become a third generation Engineer.
He's crazy about transportation - especially planes and trains.
He is a master at Lego building.
He loves the Discovery channel.
He's a very picky eater - but he's wiling to try more things now than before.
He never fails to wash his hands after going to the bathroom (except during the night).
He loves vanilla soy milk but only Silk brand.
He detests socks and pulls them off the second he gets home.
He loves Croc season!
He insists on sleeping wrapped in fleece blankets, even in the summer.
He has bonded with Huds more than I expected.
He is easily irritated by his sister.
His favourite chocolate bar is Aero.
He and I have matching moles - exact same placement.
He is not yet embarrassed by us, his parents and has yet to refuse a kiss or hug - even in public.

He's awesome. As much as he denies it - he'll always be my baby

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