Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Buttons, buttons and even more buttons

I needed buttons for a craft project but didn't want them to be new ones. I wanted old mismatched buttons, in shades of white so I asked on my local freecycle group if anyone had any buttons they no longer needed. A few people had buttons they had been collecting for a while. One woman's collection was over 20 years old. I was excited to collect them, bring them home and wash them and check them out. When they were clean and dry, I picked out all the ones I wanted (a huge container of mismatched white ones - perfect!) and set the coloured ones aside. When I was small my Mum had a box of buttons - not many, but I loved to handle them and sort them. I thought my kids might like to do the same. We have buttons for threading but there's not much variety and these freecycled ones have great shapes, colours and textures. I'd like to know the history behind some of them - I wonder if my children will imagine what they might once have been attached to like I do......

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