Friday, January 23, 2009

Never too old for finger painting...

K came for a playdate today. She usually only comes after preschool but was coming for the whole day so we had lots of extra playtime. I decided we would do some good old finger painting - sometimes as kids get older and more able to control a paintbrush or sponge or stamp, things like finger painting and being able to feel the paint squish between their fingers become a thing of the past. I realized we hadn't done any in a while so we set to work. I like to squirt the paint directly on the surface and then gently press a piece of paper over the masterpiece to get prints so that is what we did......

january 2009 001

january 2009 002

january 2009 005

january 2009 004

january 2009 005

january 2009 006

january 2009 007

january 2009 008


Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pictures.

A said...

: )

Amanda @ said...

What fun! I *still* love fingerpainting :)

xo, amanda @