Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where am I today?

I posted over at Mom's Marbles today. I hope to be back here next week : )


I have one computer in the shop and another that will only work on safe mode. I can't upload pictures or access my stored pictures and it is driving me crazy. I haven't been able to share anything because of this. I believe my sickest computer will be discharged from the 'puter hospital in the next day or two - yayyyyy then I can show you our fun day at the apple farm : ) and a few other things we have done recently.

Happy Fall

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where am I today?

I'm over at Mom's Marbles. It's great place for tips, ideas, sanity savers and more - stop by and say hi : )

Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm holding my family a little closer and thinking of all those who lost family 8 years ago today.

It's a day we'll never forget. On that fateful day we were living in a hotel in NY awaiting the completion of our house build. We were about 30 miles from NYC. G and I happened to be in the hotel that morning and for some strange reason turned on the TV which we never did at that time of day. We were watching the footage and trying to figure out what was going on and saw the second plane hit live. I knew several people in NYC that day and not being able to make contact was agonizing.

The days that followed provided endless reminders of the horror of that day. We had no way of communicating via phone/email. The hotel filled with bewildered people denied access to their NYC apartments. The constant news and updates on TV. The silent sky.The fear.The endless stream of emergency and construction site vehicles heading towards NYC. Road blocks everywhere. The shocked and despairing look on every face around us. The need for everyone to talk to anyone about it just to work through it.

The sight of so many stars and stripes in the weeks that followed was so utterly moving. To feel and see so many people pulling together offering help in all ways possible. The combined hope that maybe a pocket of survivors would be found even though it slowly dwindled to the hope of even a single survivor. A miracle.

We paid our respects at Ground Zero while it was still burning (and several times since). The silence was erie. The magnitude more real when there in person and seeing the aftermath.

We were lucky that we didn't lose any loved ones but like so many others I lost a little piece of myself that day and will never forget.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I totally forgot to mention.....

Huds the dog, who left a few weeks ago for phase two of his dog guide training, was released from the program and into our home forever. During a routine eye exam it was discovered that Huds has cataracts in one eye and therefore could not continue with the program. It's a shame for the organization but we were so happy to officially adopt him and bring him home to stay. He was so excited to see us again and went absolutely crazy, squealing and loving on us. He's been back for a while now and it's like he never left, other than the shedding which I didn't miss! So we are officially a family of five with the fifth being the hairy one!

Welcome home Hudsy (who only gets called Hudson when he does something naughty - which is almost never)