Monday, December 1, 2008


Now it's officially December - it's time to crank up the festive tunes and get into the sprit of the season.

Today T2 and I made a mini plaster tree which we will paint and glitter when it has set.

1c Plaster of Paris

0.5c water

I baggy (ziploc or any clear bag will do)

measure and dump in the plaster and water and seal the bag closed.

Manipulate the goo until it begins to firm (I did this part) then as it firms squish it about until it is hard (T2 did this part). Keeping the sculpture in the bag - make a firm base by plopping it on a hard surface a few times (like you'd dunk a tea bag) so the sculpture remains intact but the bottom is flat. Open the bag and air dry. I took mine out and put it on a plate. When it's dry - paint it, add some glitter (some felt on the base will help prevent scratches on furniture). Display proudly!

Pics of completed sculpture to follow

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