Wednesday, December 31, 2008


T2 and I made a hasty NYE craft today - a shiny noise maker. She won't be staying up until mid night but we'll celebrate with her earlier in the evening - T1 will see the New Year in with us, a movie and a big bowl of popcorn!

It's so quick to make and doesn't need too many materials.

You'll need: dowel/wooden spoon/pencil
Aluminum foil
curling ribbon
bells if you have them (if not - it can just be a NYE 'wand')
small piece of cardboard
Chenille stems if you have them.

We wrapped foil around the dowel,
Drew a star on cardboard (I used a cookie cutter as a template) and roughly folded foil aaround it and squished it into shape.
While T2 coloured on the star with markers, I threaded bells onto a couple of chenille stems and wound them around the dowel (could be threaded on ribbon if no stems)
Then I cut several lengths of curling ribbon and tied them to the top of the dowel.
Finally I added the star - this can be easily attach by hot glue/staple/tape

You may also need a couple of these

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jk said...

I'm so happy to know your blog now! What fun ideas you have for small children - of which I have three!