Monday, December 1, 2008

Handprint wreath.

Our next project today was to make a handprint wreath.

I paper plate (or a plate sized circle) with the middle cut out

Paint - green




A little hand.

Make many hand prints on a regular craft paper with green paint.
When dry - cut around handprints.
Glue handprints around edge of plate - overlapping a little.
Add a bow, some glitter, red dotted holly berries if you'd like.

Display somewhere where all your holiday visitors can admire it!

My camera battery died so no pictures of the work in progress (shame - painty preschooler hands are so CUTE!). Will add a picture of the finished wreath later today.

Cleaner version
Instead of making painty handprints - draw a round a little hand on green paper and cut out many of them and glue around the plate.

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