Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy....

Like most people, I am crazy busy right now - finishing projects, shopping, planning and suffering from brain over load. Within the craziness, I have been trying to find opportunities for fun and relaxation. My latest discovery is circular loom knitting. I can knit but not very well - I have a problem with tension which results in uneven knitting and that causes tension and frustration for me too! With the circular loom - I can knit a baby hat in less than an hour and it looks pretty even too. This will be a great activity for me when I sit for a while - it's portable too so perfect for anywhere pretty much! I think I'll make a bunch of tiny baby hats. When T2 was born, we were offered a basket of hand knitted hats to choose one from rather than the usual jersey type. It was nice knowing that someone had crafted it for a new life. I'd like to donate some too - how nice to think it might be the very first piece of clothing a new baby will wear.

T2 and I had fun today making hanging snow flakes and a snow flake ornament. I found the hanging snow flake craft somewhere online but my computer keeps freezing and I didn't bookmark the site so I can't remember who to credit for the idea. It was the simplest craft ever and it looks really cute (pics to follow).

I've been finishing up some home made gifts and getting them ready to deliver - several tutus, hair clips, head bands and I'm almost finished a landscape board for my little friend J's train track to be built on. He had a train table but it was too small so he'll now have a 3'x4' board to play on and it can slide under his bed when he's done with it. I just have to seal it with a clear coat and it will be done!

Next I need to make T2 a stocking because T1 has a large one and until now T2 has had a small one but now she's 3 - I'm sure she'll notice and let us know how unfair it is so I will be sewing that tonight. Lastly, inspired by my friend Crisa - I'm going to (try to) make us matching PJ pants and add motifs to shirts so we can all have homemade holiday jammies to wear on December 24. I am not at all experienced at sewing so this could be interesting!

I've been having computer problems -being able to type this much without it crashing, is pretty amazing!!

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