Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Felt board so far....

I have been wanting to make T2 a felt board for a while - I figured with 'Giftmas' coming that now would be a great time.
I already had a picture frame that I had no use for. I cut a sheet of felt (the stiff kind worked well) to fit the inside of the frame and hot glued it into place. G is cutting a piece of board for me tonight to fit in the back and support the felt but he hasn't done that yet. I'll staple it in place.

I tried cutting out some 'castle' pieces and have to make a princess and some other characters tonight. Luckily T2 does not have high standards!!


Stephanie said...

This is a darling idea!
I've made felt boards for mine, but I didn't frame them!
So cute!
And the castle is darling.

Julia said...

So cute!! I loove felt boards!