Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A handful of sticks = fun fun fun

This afternoon T2 and I needed to collect T1 from the school bus stop. It's a dark chilly day and the bus stop is on a stretch of road that feels like a wind tunnel. I always leave way earlier than I need to because...well, that's just me! Recently T2 and I have killed some time (and kept moving to keep warm) walking along a little trail which has become (in T2's mind) a forest with a river (a trickling stream - sometimes it's not even trickly!). Lately the 'river' has been quite rapid and when it goes over the 'water fall' (a 6" slant of rocks) it creates quite a whooshing sound which excites T2 greatly.
Today we gathered some small sticks and pine cones and T2 delighted in tossing them into the water and watching them float along like boats. It was lots of fun and before we knew it - it was bus time.

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