Monday, September 3, 2012

Trying so hard

My little girl is struggling so much with this reading and writing gig but she's trying really hard because she wants it so badly. We started a new journal on September first. Right now she is tracking the date and weather but once she masters that she can start to add something of her own (or before if she wants to try). Back in Kindergarten she, like the other kids in the class, were encouraged to try to write - even if the result barely had anything in common with the actual word. Most of the kids were eager to try and despite missing vowels, managed to get a couple of consonants down and with an accompanying illustration it was fairly easy to decipher. This doesn't fly with T2 even now as she enters grade 2. As soon as paper and a pencil appear it seems her brain freezes. Words that she can recognize again and again when she sees them - she can't produce them. For example 'my' she knows it - she has known it since Junior Kindergarten three years ago Ask her to write it and she can't even think what it begins with. It is so frustrating for her. For now I have an index card with the sentences she needs to write such as 'today is' and she uses a calendar to copy the day and month, weather and season. She likes it - I hope soon she won't need to look at the cards for every single letter and we'll have moved forward another step.

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