Monday, September 10, 2012

Crazy, busy and fun!

When my parents come to visit we try to fit a year of memory making into two short weeks because that is all the time we get with them each year. We hang out, go out and about, we talk a lot, wine gets consumed, the kids show them their treasures, their new skills, how their height compares to 5ft 0" Grandma (T1 is now 5'2.5") and we eat....lots! We probably overwhelm them with our noise and chaos, the hearing loss that comes with age sometimes slows the conversation, the kids' accents and use of North American words sometimes stump them even after close to 20 years of trips to Canada and USA but we still have a great time and miss them so very much when they leave. Technology might be great and we can chat on the phone, email and skype but it will never be equal to breathing the same air.

Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, a best friend's Birthday party at a treehouse in the woods, a cool tree stump - I fully intend to count those rings!, Lukadoodle stretched out on me for a belly rub, Toronto skyline with Grandad, My three lovelies on a bench and a girl and her guitar.

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