Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making the most of the minutes.

Tonight my parents fly back to England after their 2 week visit. I hate when they leave. There's packing to do and pacing, planning meals to suit their departure which is a 2 hours drive to the airport (G will drive them) and then a check in 3 hours prior to their 10:30pm departure.

One last walk along the beach seemed a nice idea - not too crazy, just down the street and something they don't get to do when they are home as they neither live near the beach or own a dog. It was a sunny blustery walk -really nice and not a soul in sight.

A Turkey Vulture was showing it's swooping and gliding skills. It was awesome. I saw my son walking with my parents and seeing him taller then my Mum and not so much shorter than my 6+ foot tall Dad was a bit freaky for me. When did that happen? Two very happy dogs and a self portrait in the sand of T2 : )

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