Sunday, September 2, 2012

A crafty nook

Having a creative crafty kid is awesome except for one thing...THE MESS! T2 starts projects all over the house - her bedroom floor, craft room, dining table, family room floor, den, the car.... This means piles of paper cuttings and discarded failed attempts, containers with chosen supplies in that never return to their home, sparkles - need I say more? We have a craft room in the basement but apparently that isn't near enough to where I can usually be found on the main floor. About 2 years ago we made her a craft nook in the front hallway closet - we never enter the house through that door and we use the laundry room for coats, boots, shoes etc. The hallway closet was barely used so with the help of my Dad who was visiting with my Mum at the time from UK, we converted it by installing shelves and moving the most often used craft stuff into it and put a chair there for her. It doesn't get used as much as I would like because as soon as the main surface gets messy, she moves to another zone and starts a project there. It certainly didn't solve the problem but when it is tidy she returns to it and I not only love to see her crafting there but I love when I look around and see an absence of abandoned projects elsewhere. One day I might miss those piles of paper snippets and glitter - nah! I will miss the completed projects though!

Today the project is a menu for her restaurant in the basement


Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I want to live in that little closet!

A said...

Now that would be the best kind of nook!!!