Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bananas, bananas and more bananas

A few days I picked up some bananas at the store. The same day G decided to pick up 2 bunches of bananas. We don't eat many bananas. Today there were still 9 bananas in the bowl - all brown and speckled. I am very picky about bananas. I don't like them green and I don't like them with any brown speckles because then they are too soft. This leaves a very small window of time when I will eat them.
Anyway, today I decided I had better make banana bread before I discover a gazillion fruit flies hanging out in the fruit bowl. My house was smelling pretty amazing as 4 banana breads baked.

Here's the bummer. I do not like banana bread at all. Yuck, yuck, yuck. My kids do not like banana bread either. This means G will get to enjoy a loaf and the 3 remaining that I will freeze will get forgotten about and a few months from now will be found behind the Eggos with freezer burn and will get thrown out.

Apparently I accidentally took a picture of my messy kitchen when I was moving my camera. What a disaster.

I just saw G sneaking a second slice of banana bread - maybe they won't last long enough to meet their freezer burn fate.

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