Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday eve

We finished reading Charlie Wilcox. T1 and I enjoyed it. It definitely showed the horrific experiences of front line soldiers in WW1 but at the same time it was smoothed over by other parts of the story.  Our next book which we shall start tomorrow is 'If I die before I wake'. We have touched on the influenza epidemic of 1918 but this should give us more insight. It is set in Toronto which is great because we know Toronto quite well.

I made the pasta sauce that I mentioned earlier and it was really good. It had good flavour but not over powering and it spread nicely. I now have a few jars in the freezer ready for another day. I used the bread dough for the pizza and it made quite a fluffy dough. Delicious. I should probably start thinking about what will be for dinner tomorrow. I'm thinking gnocchi....

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