Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday!!!!!

I was tearing down some sad looking milk weed from the garden which I had allowed to grow all summer (our hummingbird visitors preferred it to our hummingbird feeder!) and as G was packing it in yard waste bags,  he found this cutie. We decided to invite him/her in and created a habitat with lots of milkweed where he/she has munched away happily since last weekend. Caterpillars poop A LOT. Who knew? We have had to move the habitat outside because our bathroom was stinky from this little creature! We hope very soon to see the next stage in it's transformation.

Today was a productive day. Word families with T2 using her stuffed horses to represent letters (each had a letter card propped up in front) in hopes of giving her a good visual. It was fun and I think she both enjoyed it and learned from it. Afterwards she read books using words from each of the families we reviewed.

I finished my read aloud book to T1. It was good. We are enjoying reading different view points of WW1.

We previously read or are still reading these

We just started this

T2 half listens to the WW1 books I read aloud but I leave it up to her. I did read two books to her today while she created a house.


 this is what she was creating while I read to her. There are many details I couldn't capture such as an opening fridge with pictures of the shelved foods, a TV and remote, an opening front door and windows. She spends hours crafting. I love it. I do not love the mess in the craft room!

I baked up a huge batch of potatoes and fluffed up the centres before packing them in the freezer for speedy twice baked potatoes when the mood takes up (defrost and bake for 20 minutes until nice and hot). That felt good as did de-cobwebbing and cleaning ceiling fans and baseboards. Tasks I dislike but feel so good when they are completed.

After dinner we did another couple of science experiments this time from this book:

We learned about the surface tension of water and the effect of dish soap on that tension. Simple, fun and effective.

Now the weekend. Not sure what that will hold quite yet but hopefully some fun family time : )

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