Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday morning

Dyslexia is hard. Hard on T2 and hard on my heart. T2 wants to be a reader. She loves books and we read together a lot but she wants to be an independent reader. She wants to be able to read simple instructions in work books and on video games, to follow a simple recipe, to be able to snuggle under a blanket and lose herself in a world of characters at times when I can't read to her. We keep trying new approaches but so far nothing seems to bring progress. We will keep trying until we find something that works.

Today we played a game. I wrote down words on index card halves and set each card on a picnic plate. Her job was to toss bean bags and read the word on the plate the bean bag landed on. If she read it correctly, she could take away that plate. It took quite a while but she did it. Only a few words she really didn't know at all and those were What, now, will, sees, puts, this, that. The others were all one syllable words that can be easily sounded out. Once we completed that game which got silly at times with bean bags flying and plates flipping, we read the easy reader books that I took the words from. Seeing those words grouped as 2-6 words per page was just overwhelming for her and we had to cover all but one word at a time. Her frustration is very high at times so we have to keep these sessions short and fun

This is what she would rather be doing. Crafts and horses - her favourite! 


Alisa said...

Yes, I get it! My son is dyslexic. We are lucky to have a school near us for dyslexic children. This is our 6th and final year there. It has been a life saver!

A said...

So glad you have such a great resource for your son : )