Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday reading

I started reading our next World war 2 book with T1 today. I think it will be good but maybe not as interesting for him as Charlie Wilcox mainly because the main character is a girl and T1 is still at the girls-are-gross stage. I think it will be good to learn more about the influenza epidemic.

T2 and I read our next book in The Magic Treehouse series. I love these books - such an easy read but with plenty of facts and always that suspense - will they make it back to the treehouse and get home!!
I have signed up T2 for a HS book club at a nearby library. We haven't participated before but this year I think it will be good for her even though I will be doing the reading part. The group meets once a month and each child is given a specific element of the book to share and discuss with the other members. Currently all those registered are girls of about her age which I think she will like. The first book is one I am not yet familiar with

This is what I am reading right now. Liking it so far.

T2 and I read this before bedtime.

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