Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Eve

All day long our house smelled divine. It started with the spaghetti sauce which turned out delicious. Later the additional aroma of home made focaccia. I used the recipe from one of my favourite bread making books

I had never made focaccia before, this was very easy and cooked up quickly. This was a good thing because I was cutting it a bit close with the need to leave to take T2 to horse riding. Unfortunately it was too hot to try before we ran out the door.

Our plan was to have a very early dinner as G was working late. Apparently I was unable to wait for the noodles to cook

I had a couple minor mishaps with dinner. The first being forgetting to remove a bay leaf before attacking the sauce with the immersion blender (apparently chunks are disgusting). I did stop and yank out the second one but the first had already been pulverized. Then when I was transferring cooked spaghetti noodles to T1's plate (minus sauce thankfully) I dropped them. Today must be a really good day as I would typically not handle such a thing well, especially as I had skipped lunch, but  it made me laugh instead as my first thought as I saw them stuck to the cabinet door was "I guess that means they are cooked just right". Im not sure if it's true that perfectly cooked spaghetti will stick to a wall but at least it saved me from a hungry Mommy melt down.

 T2 greeted my bread and sauced spaghetti with complaints and slouched shoulders, already tired from riding and nearing the end of her tolerance for everything, yet she asked for seconds. RESULT!

Second week of riding lessons went really well and T2 remembered a lot from last week. This week she was able to guide her horse through a line of orange cones and around the small paddock without help. The horse she rides is very tolerant and docile, today he wanted to yank leaves from a particular tree each time they passed it which caused quite a lot of unexpected movement for T2 but she handled it well and the second time she didn't hesitate to nudge her heels and remind him to keep walking.

She was concentrating too hard to smile!

No science scheduled for tonight, just some more Charlie Wilcox (it's a good WW1 book. T1 and I are enjoying it) and T2 and I will read the next Magic Treehouse book. Then early bedtime for all of us!!

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