Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Treasure rocks part 2

Tonight while I was making dinner, I gave T1 & T2 their treasure rocks that I made last week. I had hoped to find some mini excavation tools but hunting for MIA play-doh distracted me so forks and spoons were the next best option. I didn't know how successful they would be and my expectations were low, I mean, it's flour, water and used coffee - how good can it possibly be? Incredibly good is the answer. The kids chipped and poked away at their 'rocks' for as long as it took to cook pasta (OK so it was the fresh kind that cooks super fast...), not a "stop....don't do that...leave me alone...Mommmmmmmmmmmmmm" to be heard. I think I even saw a tongue poking out in concentration. They didn't even seem disappointed that the treasure had been borrowed from the toy animal box in the playroom. The only downside - the strong smell of old coffee once the rocks were demolished.

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Nettie said...

Great, fun idea for the kids. however, my child injured her eye with a fork that slipped while she was prying something with it. I think the fork is not a good idea.