Monday, November 17, 2008

My weekend

We had a busy weekend - Huds the puppy had an event we needed to take him to. We are fostering him for Dog Guides Canada and our local mall wanted foster puppies at the mall to spread awareness of the organization and the foster puppy program. It was fun and Huds loved all the attention!

There were the typical errands, play times, meal times, laundry times, sleep times etc etc but I did carve out some time for a few projects of my own - baking, correspondence and number crunching. Why, you may wonder am I bothering to mention this - well, the baking didn't involve an oven, the correspondence didn't involve any paper or stamps and the number crunching didn't involve a calculator. You'll have to see why in my next post because I am going to bed!


Crisa said...

Love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT!!! Why haven't you been doing this for longer????

A said...

hey how weird is this - I was just checking your blog, finish and see you've been here!!