Monday, November 17, 2008

I was sorting through the basement and found a bag of shredded sparkly tissue paper that T2 and her friends had played with a few months ago - I was about to toss it out, then decided to have one last hurrah with T2 today.

Great for grabbing.....

'spaghetti scooping'



...tong grasping


It requires lots of concentration!

It can be quite messy -that doesn't bother me. Putting a mat, newspaper or towel under the table would make for easier clean up - just pick up the corners of the floor covering and shake all the paper into the garbage/recycling.


After my weekend 'baking' I had lots of oddments of felt - usually I'd toss them if they were really small but this time I used pinking sheers and cut them into shapes for T2 to use as collage material.

This is a city.


Stephanie said...

Ooooh, of course I have lots of leftover felt from the holidays, too - using pinking sheers to "finish" them is a brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Just found you .... love that you don't care that it made a mess!

lorrielink said...

that is simply fantastic. just the kind of this my kids would do for hours. thank you!

A said...

Thanks for your comments.

Stephanie - I now have lots more additional felt in much more fun colours - I think it's time to give that another go!

Naomi - a couple of years ago my husband, son and I had a shredded paper 'fight' - it was crazy and made a huge mess - it wasn't until the fun was over that I realized how bad it was. It was worth it though - the giggles proved that!

lorrielink - my kids will play for hours with it - especially if there are plenty of interesting tools and containers.

We recently got a new shredder and it's a cross cut one so no more shredded paper fun for us : (