Monday, November 24, 2008

A gift for Huds

T2 and I made a spontaneous gift for Huds the puppy's Christmas stocking (note to self - need an extra stocking this year). I had an old towel that we have been using to clean wet/muddy puppy paws when he comes inside. It is hard to hold him still and get the excited puppy paw to make contact with said towel. I decided to make a couple of mitts to help with the task.
I folded a towel in half and drew a mitten shape a bit bigger than my hand - using the existing finished edge of the towel as the opening edges of the mitt. I pinned it, tucking in a looped piece of ribbon before sewing around the edges (except for the opening). I was going to sew it and then turn it inside out to make it look neater but I didn't like the way it turned out so on my second attempt I just sewed around the edges and left it that way. Next I found a dog stamp and some fabric paint and let T2 decorate it. This will be a gift from her to Huds - although it's really a gift to me as I'm the floor mopper and clean paws mean less cleaning of floors!!

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