Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not much Mom time today

On Tuesday/Thursday T2 goes to preschool for the morning, comes home and has lunch and a nap by which time it is often time to prepare dinner so it seems we hardly have a chance for a conversation on those days but today she woke a little earlier so we were able to spend a few extra minutes together at the craft table. T2 needs to work on her fine motor skills a bit so I pulled out an ink pad and an 'O' stamp and let her stamp green 'O's all over her paper (I since discovered the only way to remove green ink from hands, face and ears is with traditional bar soap and not liquid soap). After she had stamped to her heart's content (and I suggested we finish up with the ink before it spread from skin to clothes, furniture and the dog) we sat and coloured in all the 'O's - (actually she coloured and I hung out at the table and we chatted). In the end it looked like a page of bubbles - she loved it.

Tomorrow is a no school day for T2 so I'm planning a few fun things for us to do - I can't wait!

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