Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back from our hike

We all enjoyed our family hike this morning. It was very cloudy and we were concerned that we were not as prepared for a down pour as we should have been. We lucked out, even though it did rain lightly, the tall trees provided a nature umbrella and by the time we emerged from the forest - it was dry once more. The kids loved the pine cones, moss, fungus and cool trees. Huds the dog enjoyed all the smells and was very brave around the other dogs we encountered (he needs to work on his social skills). G & I enjoyed seeing the kids so enthusiastic about nature and exploring. On the way home T2 thanked us for our "fun abventure". Now T2 is taking a nap while G takes T1 to badminton and now I really must tackle the mountain o' laundry and some vacuuming (never did get that done last night!).


Crisa said...

Wow beautiful photos.

A said...

Thanks Crisa : )