Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The perfect day....

...for a 'hike'.
After the rain of yesterday - the day dawned dry and bright. A trip to the library was in order as I had some books to return. T2 hasn't been on a long walk since she broke her leg last summer. By the time her leg had completely healed and regained it's strength, winter was upon us and it was too cold. I wasn't sure how well she would do. It was awesome. She managed the whole walk, never complained, chattered the whole time.
We walked some of the way on regular residential sidewalks but deviated now and then to the trail paths which were full of Spring life with bird song and plants and rushing water in the streams from the rain.
I decided to take advantage of the forks in the trails by offering her choices of which way we should go next. I emphasized left and right when explaining our options "if we go LEFT, we will go to back home again, if we go RIGHT, we'll head to the library or if we go straight we will go to the High school" She really enjoyed taking charge and deciding which way we needed to go and used the correct left/right after hearing me first. Hopefully a few more 'hikes' and she'll fully grasp the concept.
The weather was perfect but the company was 'perfecter'.

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