Saturday, April 11, 2009

Giant chick

Warning - these images may be disturbing to some readers : )

Before we move I need to clean our windows inside and out (why? I have no idea - the new home owners will probably want to do it themselves anyway!). To make this job more worthwhile we decorated one of them with a giant chick for Spring. All you need is washable kid craft paint, a squirt of dish liquid (makes clean up easier) and some willing hands.....

April 09 010

April 09 011

April 09 012

A rare sighting of T1!!

April 09 014

April 09 017

April 09 019

April 09 020

(Tuesday - Window is now clean and shiny and chick free once more)


Anonymous said...

Your warning made me laugh! I've many times let my kids "finger paint" on the sliding glass doors in the kitchen, often with no more than liquid soap & food coloring. It's slippery, it's fun, and it's not too hard to clean up.

(The results are not nearly so impressive as that fuzzy cute chick, though! We're definitely more into process than product around here!)

My little ones also like to wash the windows. To tell the truth, by the time they're done smearing a wet washcloth on the window, the "finger paint" looked waaay better. :)

Fun stuff!


A said...

: )

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ahhhh, dish liquid!! We tried this before, but it took some scubbin' to get the windows clean again!

Love your chick-- I bet the kids had a blast!