Thursday, April 2, 2009

Letter matching eggs

I drew around an oval cookie cutter to make 26 egg shapes and wrote an upper case letter on the top half and it's matching lower case letter on the bottom, then I cut each egg slightly differently so only the correct letters would match.

After quiet time T2 and K had fun matching the letters. They are very familiar with upper case letters but still confuse some lower case letters so this is great practice for them.

April 09 012


MaryAnne said...

Very cute Easter-themed learning activity!

A said...

Thanks : )

Ally said...

I think I'll use this idea to help my 3 yr old match colors. Thanks for sharing! =)

A said...

It would work great for colours - numbers too with dots on one half (or stickers) and the other half with the corresponding number!! have fun : )

SkylarKD said...

This is a fantastic idea!

To save time drawing the eggs, I created a PDF of egg shapes that people can print and cut out: