Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I don't talk about T1 much. At 9 years of age he is very uninterested in crafts and stuff like that. After a long day challenging his mind at French Immersion school, he wearily arrives home at 4:15 and wants to relax in his preferred way. This usually involves catching up on his favourite shows on Discovery/Discovery kids (how it's made/Myth busters/anything involving transportation/science/technology) or some times on the computer either, flight simulator,John Deer drive green, 18 wheels of steel, assorted Tycoon games or building lego or reading.

This week he needed to do a presentation at school. He doesn't like to present to the class at all. His teachers know of his social/attention difficulties and they do cut him some slack. With this particular presentation, we decided to try a different approach. Instead of having the focus on him talking, we thought something visual would take the pressure off him and give him something to prompt him with the verbal part. The subject was Pioneer one room schools so last weekend, with our help, T1 built a model of a one room school. He did his presentation yesterday and apparently all the kids in his class were eager to check it out up close when he was done which game him a huge confidence boost. It was so nice to see him so involved in a creative project when I know that typically wouldn't hold his interest or attention.

I'll try to add a picture later of his finished school.

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