Thursday, August 11, 2011


We reached our goal of reading 1,000 children's library books. Exhale.

Apparently T2 will receive gifts next week at the library. This was not a library challenge but seeing our book haul every week did lead to conversations about what we were doing and at subsequent visits inquiries as to how many we had read. Earlier this week I told the librarian that we were only 50 or so from our goal and we were told to go in next week when we have reached 1,000. T2 does not know she will receive anything so that will be a nice surprise.

Hmm now for the next reading challenge.... a mini one is to read every book on her bookshelf and decide which ones to keep. Some of her books get read over and over but there are some that haven't been opened in a while so I am looking forward to that but after that I have no idea....

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