Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember me?

So I guess those previous good intentions to post more went out the window but this time I really, really, really mean it!

After a break we started our new school year today. I enjoyed the break but as soon as I started pulling out books and planning for many, many hours I couldn't wait to get back at it.

This year I have divided our year into 4 nine week blocks and it has made it so much easier. We are starting earlier than schools here start so that we can be done when the garden needs attention and to make the most of the warm weather and going places before the kids are done school and the people who summer here roll into town.

We talked about our goals for the year and I took pictures of them to commemorate day 1 of grades 1 and 6.

I decided we should learn Latin using
Our first lesson from it was simple and fun and T2 (now aged 6) was very excited to share what she learned with G when he arrived home from work this evening.

It is so nice starting HS this year because I don't have the anxiety over whether I can do this like I did this time last year.

I can't wait to get stuck into some projects especially art and science.

T2 and I are still reading and tallying the library books we have read. We are at 905 and are determined t9o reach 1000 before September. We would be way past the 1,000 mark had I included reading books we already own but we decided only to include library books and it didn't matter how many times we read it - it only counted once unless we checked it out and read it again at a later date. It's getting hard to find books we haven't read yet at our local small town libraries but we will make it to 1000 be August 31!

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