Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last year I met an amazing new friend and her fabulous boys who were also new to HS. Despite being a member of a large HS group - I only felt a connection with her. I was happy to know someone who was embarking on the same adventure as me. We bounced ideas off one another, had regular playdates (our kids totally hit it off) some field trips and tried geocaching together. I truly feel that our first HS year would have been very different had we not met. To be able to call someone on a day where nothing seems to be going right, when the kids seem disinterested with everything, when the TV/video games have held way too much of my their attention or when in need of a sanity check - we were there for one another, something I hopecontinues this coming year and beyond.

This year I know a few other Mom's beginning their HS journey and I am excited about that - to have a larger group of local people finding their way, seeking ideas and social time for their kids and themselves will be awesome and may lead to our own spin off group as we are in the same town (the group I currently belong to is spread over the region). It is so fun to share how our life has changed since we left public school with others contemplating HS. I hear the excitement in my own voice and see their eyes begin to glint as the possibilities start to collect in their minds and they realize they can do it, it doesn't have to be just a dream.

HS was a dream for me for a very long time. Many things in my life could be better - I could be more organized, take better care of myself, spend less time on the phone/internet - I could go on and on and on but despite those things I can still say I am living the dream - my dream : )