Monday, August 8, 2011

Final haul

Today we returned our last week batch of library books and selected 55. Our last bundle to take us to 1000 library books read since September. As is typical eyes were rolling and feet were tapping behind us in the line to check out as we had about 70 books in total. We have to take a wheeled grocery cart (not a store one but a thing you can either push or pull) because I couldn't carry all our books each time. This is our second cart - the first one crumpled under the strain - oops. We should reach 1,000 next and then decide on our next reading challenge.


Tiggilina said...

Brilliant! So what if people get upset having to wait behind you in the queue! Books are a wonderful resource and sometimes a lot better than what you can find on the internet!

A said...

: )