Sunday, June 14, 2009

Settling in

We've been the new house 2 weeks and are fairly settled and enjoying exploring our new town. This coming week will be our first proper week - no unpacking keeping me busy and no trips back to our old town for appointments or anything.
Also this coming week, I'll begin a homeschool trial. We have decided to register both kids for school for September (we'll bike to the school tomorrow (aah the joys of biking places - loving it, although my butt is complaining!) with all the paperwork)but we will give homeschooling a trial run over the summer - nothing too intense - it is the summer after all! If T1 responds well to it, then we'll keep going. He's off his ADD meds and doing really well without them. He notices the difference too - he's less argumentative and bossy and where he was constantly correcting the three of us on everything we said - he is hardly doing that now. I'm hoping that if we homeschool that we'll be able to keep off the meds which definitely helped him in the chaotic classroom environment but shouldn't be necessary when it's just us working at his pace and allowing thing to go in the direction that works best for him. We haven't decided what to do about T2 and whether she'll be starting K or not.
Hopefully we can get back into some fun activities this coming week - can't wait!

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