Monday, June 15, 2009

A brand new Niece

I became an Aunt for the second time during the night. My brother, his wife and my 6 year old Niece Emily welcomed baby Alice, born at 32 weeks, weighing 3lb 3oz and breathing on her own. We knew the early arrival was imminent and everyone was as best prepared as is possible. Sadly I won't get to meet her anytime soon because they live 3,500 miles away but I'm hoping to see pictures later today. My Niece chose her name - she's a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and she was hoping for a sister. I am both thrilled and a little nervous. I hope the next few weeks for baby Alice will be filled with many more ups than downs : )


Rebecca said...

Congrats & I hope baby Alice is strong and healthy!

A said...

Thanks Becca : )