Monday, May 25, 2009

Who knew...?

Seriously, who knew how little it takes top keep a kid entertained? Not me, that's for sure.With only 3 days until moving day (at last), almost everything is packed, yet the kids are managing without all their stuff just fine. T1 finds it a little harder because he loves Lego and it's packed away but he's rediscovered the sandbox and a few small cars that were buried and has been happy to while away decent chunks of time (he finished school a month early due to the move). T2 has discovered the joy of rocks - small ones that are great for counting, stacking, rinsing, serving as food to stuffed animals and even treasure to be searched for and joyously discover. Does that mean we will be donating all our toys - no, but I think they will be excited to rediscover their long lost (OK - short lost - you know what I mean) toys and collections of stuff - I'll be rediscovering my stuff too!

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