Friday, June 26, 2009

Project patio hole...

The people who lived here before us had a very odd looking water feature in their backyard. It was an ugly head spouting water from his mouth, set in the stone work patio. they took the feature with them (thankfully) but that left a hole with a piece of wood over it. When we lifted the wood we found stagnant water and hundreds of dead worms

Step 1 - shop-vac the water out

june 2009 916

Step 2 - fill with dirt

june 2009 932

june 2009 929

Step 3 - with Grandad's help, position plant (Clematis brought from old house)

june 2009 940

Step 4 - sweep up dirt

june 2009 935

Step 5 - add obelisk,water plants

june 2009 941

Step 6 - water dog also

june 2009 946

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