Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surrounded by chaos...

...it's hard to breathe. I find mess and disorder energy draining - G doesn't get that at all and would happily live in this sea of boxes and clutter all the time (is this a guy thing?). It's hard to focus on anything else, the craft supplies and most of the toys are packed, the dog is banned from setting a paw on the carpeted areas of the house now that we have steam cleaned the last of the puppy paw prints from a rather unfortunately timed romp through the house after playing in the mud recently. The basement is out of bounds as it is a sea of G's tools and half packed boxes, two bathrooms are cleaned, locked and not to be used by us ever again and the family room is half it's usual size as more and more boxes find their way to the main floor and therefore closer to their exit and are stacked at one end of the room.

Today I just had to get out, couldn't stand to look at the boxes for another second. Knowing I wouldn't be doing anything fun or productive in the house, I grabbed drinks and snacks, slathered two girls in sunscreen and headed on an adventure. In all honesty it was just a trip to a local park but not one we had visited yet this year and in the opposite direction that we usually walk. Once at the park I parked myself on a bench, let T2 and K go as crazy as they wished and just sat, didn't do a thing - no packing, no planning, no stressing. I just sat. It was just what I needed.

Our return walk took us through "the forest" as T2 likes to call it. A shady trail that led us back home. I walked in the door and the chaos and boxes were there to greet me - but they didn't seem quite as monstrous and menacing as they had only a couple of hours before.


Infant Bibliophile said...

Just a quick note to say that we're moving in a few weeks, and I totally sympathize. No sense tidying anymore if it will soon be in boxes, I've reasoned, but I feel like everything out in the open is being used (mostly toys, and I don't want to pack them away until last minute). At this point, everything is everywhere! But it will get done somehow.

A said...

that is how we've been living for a few weeks. The closets and cupboards are empty but everything is visible aaaargh. Good luck with your move!!