Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yarn eggs

It's been a long time since I last made yarn eggs - hmmm probably about 10 years so I figured it was about time I made them again with T2's help (we'll see if T1 wants to have a go when he gets home from school in a few minutes!). It's easy but messy and the results are cool.

Here are my supplies. I watered down the glue - probably similar quantities of each. I added glitter but it's not necessary. Balloons (look carefully and you may see a clue as to where we live!!), yarn, scissors, paintbrush and somewhere to hang them to dry.

march 2009 001

march 2009 002

march 2009 003

march 2009 005

I am eager for the glue to dry so we can pop the balloons and remove them.....


Rebecca said...

Is that a special kind of glue or would regular old Elmers work? The boys would LOVE this!

A said...

Just regular white glue!! Have fun - it's pretty neat - can't wait for ours to be finished

Clemencia said...

Thank you so much for your great ideas, and sharing with us, I have an award for you in my blog here