Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring tree

Yesterday we gathered pine cones and twigs when we went for a walk before meeting T1 from his school bus stop. It was a glorious sunny day - T2 even found it warm enough to stretch out on the sidewalk and check out the clouds - not typical of this time of year where we live. It's hard to consider we might be done with snow and layers of cold weather clothes when we are often still shoveling the white stuff in March and sometimes April!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the things we collected and this afternoon we set to work. I had planned we would work on our activity when K was here but she had to stay home with a fever today but I knew T2 would not be able to wait until we next see her on Thursday. We'll work on it some more when she's next here.

march 2009 001

march 2009 003

march 2009 004

march 2009 007

march 2009 006

march 2009 009

march 2009 008

march 2009 010

It's not finished yet - we'll be adding a few more things to our Spring tree over the next little while : )

By the way - anyone know why Blogger will no longer let me centre my photos?

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