Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paper plates day 2

I very rarely buy paper plates but I did find a few in the back of the cupboard, left over from when we renovated the kitchen a couple of years ago. Today T2, her friend K and I made paper plate fish

March 2009 001

March 2009 003

March 2009 006

Here's mine : )

March 2009 004

Here's T2's

March 2009 005


MaryAnne said...

T2's fish has so much character, I love it :)

Rebecca said...

SO cute! Awesome project!

A said...

Thanks ladies : )

ocean said...

What are you using to paint with?

A said...

We were painting with cylindrical foam blocks : )

sandy said...

I love this!

Michie said...

Where do you get cylindrical foam blocks? Those look really neat!