Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A sure sign

We have lived in this house for almost 5 years and every Spring two ducks, one male, one female, have come to hang out during the day for several weeks. Each year we have fed them, provided water to drink and splash about in and loyally they return. The male always waits until the female has finished eating before he starts and he's very protective of her - issuing warning quacks should one of us get too close. The best times have been when Mr Duck sits on our porch or patio quacking loudly for food and once even 'knocked' on the door repeatedly with his beak - seriously! Each evening they waddle across the street and through the houses across the road to the creek, returning the following morning. I love it - they are so cute and fun to watch. About 3 weeks ago they came by for the first time this year and have been back a few times on mild days - today being one of those days

Mrs Duck:

march 2009 016

Mr Duck:

march 2009 015

I'll miss them when we move - along with Tippy the squirrel (it has a white tipped tail) and the 'SquipMunk' - I am sure it's half squirrel and half chipmunk. I hope we have some fun wild life at the new house...


Rachel H. said...

Just wanted to say, "I love your blog" and the whole premise of enjoying your children! I've already used some of your ideas and my boys enjoy it so very much. Keep it up!!!

A said...

Thanks Rachel : )