Monday, February 6, 2012

Few changes in our house

2012 seems to be a year for change in my little world. First came the vegan diet, then came a feeling that Unschooling may be what we need and then the sudden desire to become TV free.

I eased into unschooling with the kids last week. talked to them about the changes and how they would need to reawaken the part of their brains that guides them to make choices and plan their time and to explore more freely. It went well - we went to a couple of museums, talked, read books and played games and didn't open a single work book or check my planner for what we would study next. It felt both terrifying and liberating at the same time.

Last weekend after discussing my idea with G we told the kids we would be cutting cable and that from now on our TV would be used for family movies and that would be all. I expected, huffs and puffs, droopy shoulders and whining but instead they asked why. I explained that I felt the TV was taking up too much time and we had other things we could be doing instead. That didn't seem to satisfy them so I told them that we could add the money saved to our family fund in addition to the $100 each month we are already saving having switched to take out pizza on Friday to home made pizza to be used for fun outings such as to Great Wolf Lodge or even a vacation. That worked

Today went well. T2 asked about the "tv thing" a couple of times and said she was bored a few times but no major drama. T1 doesn't watch much TV at all but I said he needed to limit his computer time as well - he took that fairly well.

On Mondays T2 has gymnastics in the morning and T1 brings a book to pass the time. THis was a great day to quit the Tv as we are gone all morning anyway. After lunch G (who had the day off) watched the kids play outside. T2 on her bike and playing in a snow pile and T1 'running in' his new remote control car. Eventually a couple of neighbour kids came out when they got home from school.

The house is so peaceful without the background noise of TV - bliss!